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Katana Pool Cues

Drawing inspiration from precision and finesse, Katana cues embody the essence of fluid motion. These cues feature 10-piece, spliced maple low-deflection shafts, providing a seamless and responsive feel that can overpower any opponent who dares to challenge. Crafted with exquisite exotic natural woods and adorned with pearl inlays, Katana cues reflect the subtlety and elegance of the Samurai tradition. Available with either the 11.5mm Katana 1 or 12.5mm Katana 2 shaft, and equipped with a standard Uniloc Quick release joint, these cues are not only stunning but also formidable in their performance.

Moreover, each Katana cue is accompanied by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, ensuring confidence in the craftsmanship and protection against any defects.

katana pool cues
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