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Carom Ball Sets

Carom ball sets are a type of billiard ball set that is used for playing carom billiards, which is a game that is played on a table without pockets. In carom billiards, the objective is to score points by making a cue ball contact two object balls with a single shot, called a "carom".


Carom ball sets typically consist of three balls: a red ball, a white ball, and a yellow ball. The red ball is the "object ball", while the white ball is the "cue ball" and the yellow ball is the "opponent's ball". The balls are typically made from high-quality materials like phenolic resin or crystalite, and are designed to be perfectly round and of equal weight.

The size and weight of carom balls are regulated by international organizations like the Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB), which sets the standard size for carom balls at 61.5 mm and the weight at 200 grams. These regulations help to ensure that carom balls are consistent in their size and weight, which is important for accurate play.

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