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Spartan Pool Cues

Crafting a Spartan pool cue begins with a steadfast commitment to excellence, utilizing only the finest components and a meticulous dedication to precision. Our skilled artisans carefully select authentic inlay materials, including abalone, Micarta, turquoise, and polished stainless steel, harmoniously paired with the distinctive beauty of curly and Birdseye maple. The result is a cue that boasts a cutting-edge style, effortlessly commanding attention in any pool hall.

Each Spartan cue is thoughtfully matched with a 10-piece spliced, AAA Maple low deflection shaft, ensuring optimal performance and consistency with every shot. Complemented by a flyweight XTC ferrule and a Kamui Black Soft tip, these exceptional components synergize to create a cue of unparalleled quality. With unmatched ball control and accuracy on the table, a Spartan cue empowers players to elevate their game to new heights.

Experience the craftsmanship and precision engineering that define Spartan pool cues. With their exquisite design and exceptional performance, Spartan cues are more than just equipment—they're a statement of dedication to the game and a testament to the player's commitment to excellence.

Spartan pool cue
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