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There are many variables to consider when choosing your pool table cloth -also known as “felt”- and that depends on your budget and specific needs.  Pool table cloth is usually made from wool and nylon, and have different play speeds. Worsted cloth plays the fastest and goes through a unique wool spinning process, which eliminates fuzziness on the surface. Worsted cloth is tournament quality and is used in all professional pool tournaments. However, worsted cloth is usually more expensive, so if you are simply looking replace the cloth on your casual home pool table then there are plenty of cheaper options available. Here is a quick description of what you can expect with each brand:


Championship: High quality pool table cloth for those on a budget. The Saturn and Invitational styles are excellent choices for casual home play and those who are looking for quality and durability at a discount. The Tour Edition style is slightly more expensive but is a worsted, high quality tournament-grade cloth.


Proline: An Excellent mid-range pool table cloth to those looking for a balance between quality and price for normal use. Proline has an outstanding reputation for their high quality cloth. If you're looking for a fast worsted cloth instead, the tournament grade Proline ProForm 505 style provides fast speed, precision and durability and is considerably cheaper than Simonis pool table cloth. 


Simonis: The premier worsted pool table cloth used in professional pool tournaments across the world. Ranked #1 in quality, precision and speed, Simonis has been making billiard cloth in Belgium for over 200 years. Recommended for professional pool players and those who want the best on the market.




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