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Pool Table Felt & Cloth

Quick Brand Guide:


Championship: High quality pool table cloth for those on a budget. The Saturn and Invitational styles are excellent choices for casual home play and those who are looking for quality and durability at a discount. The Tour Edition style is slightly more expensive but is a worsted, high quality tournament-grade cloth.


Proline: An Excellent mid-range pool table cloth to those looking for a balance between quality and price for normal use. Proline has an outstanding reputation for their high quality cloth. If you're looking for a fast worsted cloth instead, the tournament grade Proline ProForm 505 style provides fast speed, precision and durability and is considerably cheaper than Simonis pool table cloth. 


Simonis: The premier worsted pool table cloth used in professional pool tournaments across the world. Ranked #1 in quality, precision and speed, Simonis has been making billiard cloth in Belgium for over 200 years. Recommended for professional pool players and those who want the best on the market.

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