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The Origin of Billiards Part 1

The origins of billiards are uncertain, and there is no one agreed-upon answer as to when the game was first invented. However, historians believe that billiards evolved from lawn games that were popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. Some early forms of billiards were played on tables with no pockets and involved striking balls with sticks or maces.

The first recorded mention of billiards was in a 1470 inventory of the belongings of King Louis XI of France, which included a billiard table. By the 16th century, billiards had become a popular pastime among the French nobility and was spreading throughout Europe.

Over time, various modifications were made to the game, such as the addition of pockets to the table and the development of different types of shots and cue techniques. By the 19th century, billiards had become a professional sport, and championships were held regularly in Europe and America.

So, while the exact date of billiards' invention is unclear, the game has been around for centuries and has undergone many changes and developments over time.

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