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Best Pool Cues for Intermediate Players: Elevate Your Game

Transitioning from beginner to intermediate in pool requires a cue that matches your evolving skills and game play needs. While you've honed your basics, now it's time to focus on precision, spin, and control. Here’s our guide to the top pool cues for intermediate players:

Pool Cues for Intermediate Players

Why Choosing the Right Pool Cue Matters

As an intermediate player, your cue becomes an extension of your skills. Here’s what to look for:

  • Weight: Typically between 18-21 ounces for control and power.

  • Material: Options like maple or carbon fiber for durability and performance.

  • Tip: Medium to hard tips (around 12.5-13mm) for better spin and control.

  • Wrap: Comfortable grips like Irish linen or leather for stability and feel.

Top Pool Cues for Intermediate Players

You can find these recommended cues and many more at The Billiard Bay, a trusted online store for quality pool cues and accessories.

1. Predator Cues - Sport 2 Series

  • Weight: Available in various weights (18-21 ounces)

  • Material: 4-piece hard maple construction

  • Tip: 12.75mm Predator Victory tip

  • Wrap: Sport wrap for enhanced control

  • Price: Mid-range

Predator cues are known for their advanced technology and precision. The Sport 2 Series offers a balanced feel and exceptional control, making it a favorite among intermediate players.

2. Viking A227 Cue

  • Weight: Available in various weights (18-21 ounces)

  • Material: North American hard rock maple with a unique wood grain

  • Tip: 13mm ViKORE performance shaft

  • Wrap: Irish linen wrap for a comfortable hold

  • Price: High-end

Viking cues are renowned for their craftsmanship and durability. The A227 offers superior control and spin, ideal for serious intermediate players looking to enhance their game.

3. Lucasi LZE7 Cue

  • Weight: Available in various weights (18-21 ounces)

  • Material: Premium exotic woods with a Uni-Loc joint

  • Tip: Kamui Pro soft tip, 12.75mm

  • Wrap: Double-pressed Irish linen wrap for stability and feel

  • Price: Premium

Lucasi cues are known for blending performance with elegance. The LZE7 offers a smooth stroke and precise cue ball control, perfect for advancing your game.

4. McDermott G225 Cue

  • Weight: Available in various weights (18-21 ounces)

  • Material: North American hard rock maple

  • Tip: G-Core shaft, 13mm Navigator Black tip

  • Wrap: Genuine Irish linen wrap

  • Price: Mid-range

McDermott cues are known for quality and craftsmanship. The G225 provides excellent control and consistency, ideal for improving your game as an intermediate player.

Choosing Your Perfect Cue

  • Test Before You Buy: Visit a pool hall or pro shop to test cues for weight, balance, and feel.

  • Read Reviews: Look for feedback from other intermediate players to gauge performance and durability.

  • Consider Your Playing Style: Choose a cue that complements your strengths and helps improve your weaknesses.


Finding the best pool cue as an intermediate player is crucial for elevating your game. The cues listed above offer a range of options in terms of technology, design, and price, catering to different playing styles and preferences. Invest in a cue that matches your skill level and goals, and watch your performance on the table improve. Happy cueing!

You can purchase any of these recommended cues at The Billiard Bay, your go-to online store for quality pool cues and accessories. Explore their wide selection to find the perfect cue for your needs.


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