Replacing Rubber Cushions

1.  When installing the cushions bumpers, do not cut the rubber prior to installing.When gluing the cushion to the rail, be sure to have some overhang on each side of the rail.It is important that you identify the top side of the cushion and it’s not being installed upside down.You can check this by looking at it from the side.The top side will appear slightly curved while the bottom side will appear to be flat.


2.  Before installing the new cushion bumpers slightly sand and clean off any residue on the rail.Having a clean and smooth surface will help the rubber cushions bond better to the rail surface.


3.  Apply a coating of contact adhesive (we recommend using Barge All Purpose Cement) to the rubber and wood surfaces to be bonded.Follow the recommended manufacturer instructions on the can.

4.  When applying the rubber to the rail, it’s important to do in a straight line aligning the top edge of the cushion with the top edge of the rail.Do not attempt to stretch the rubber but make sure it is in contact with the wood the whole length of the rail.

5.  If time allows for it, we recommend letting the cushions sit for several hours before cutting the excess rubber off to ensure that the rubber cushions are dry.To make sure that the cushions keep contact with the wood, we recommend applying a thin strip of scotch tape to the top side where the rubber and wood make contact (this step is preferred but optional).


6.  Trim any extra cushion rubber so it is flush with the mitered and flat sides of the rails.We recommend using the Hyde Cushion Rubber Knife but a sharp razor knife will work as well.Continuously dipping the blade in water will make the cutting process a lot easier to prevent the blade from getting caught in the rubber.

7.  When the extra cushion is removed, install the cushion facings.Coat the facing and the end of the rail/rubber with adhesive.If using new facings, allow for glue to dry before trimming the facings.Once dry, trim the extra facing rubber following the outline of the rubber cushion and rail.To ensure the facing doesn’t move around while trimming excess off, we recommend applying a staple or two to the facing into the wood part of the rail.




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