Moving a Pool Table

Before attempting to move your pool table, it’s important to understand that it can be a tricky and difficult process.  Hiring a professional to move your pool is always recommended.  It requires a lot of knowledge, patience and skillfulness to do the job right.  When moving a pool table, lifting it in one piece to move it from one place to another is never a good idea.  It must be dissembled and then reassembled. 


Required Steps for Dissembling and Moving a Pool Table:


1.  Remove the pockets.If your pool table has leather pool table pockets, remove the screws or staples holding them together from the underside of the pool table.If your pool table has plastic drop pockets, these can be removed by removing the nails or screws from the inside of the pocket opening.


2.  Using either a wrench or open socket tool, unscrew the bolts holding the rails to the table and remove each rail.Size of socket will vary depending on size bolt of used.When removing the rails, detach any rails that are screwed together by removing the screws in the pockets.If your pool table has plastic drop pockets, remove the any screws in the corner brackets.


3.  Remove the felt from the pool table.The felt or cloth will either be stapled or glued to the slate.

     - If stapled, pluck and remove each staple.Chances of not having to replace the felt are best when it is stapled because the felt stretches back out right.

     - If glue, carefully pull felt to remove it.  Don’t pull on it too quick otherwise it can rip.

4.  Next is to remove the base from the frame.The pool table will most times be in either three pieces of slate or will be one piece of slate.Unscrew the bolts or screws holding the slate on the frame.Power drills and will be necessary for this step.


5.  Final step in dissembling the frame is to remove the legs from the frame


6.  Carefully load the pool table into a van or truck.

     - Slide each piece of slate onto each other.If it is a one piece, be sure to have several people help you carry it.

     - Load the frame next, onto the slate.Consider strapping the frame down so it does not move around.

     - Load legs and rails next.It is recommended to use plastic wrap or bubble wrap to protect the wood.




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