Felt Replacement- Rails


  1. Begin by removing the rails from the pool table and removing all the staples with a staple remover.

  2. Carefully remove the feather strips and put aside for re-use later.


  1. With rail face up, place the new pool table cloth on rail with the playing surface down.  Center the cloth on the rail so there is approximately 3-4” of cloth at each end of the rail and ½” of cloth past the feather strip groove.

  2. For the corner pockets, using a pounding block or rubber mallet, tap feather strip in place except for 3” at each end.  Begin approximately 2” from the end of the strip and pull cloth towards rubber cushion 'til the edge of the cloth is about ¾” from the end of the feather strip.  Finish this step by tapping feather strip in place.

  3. For the side pockets, begin about 3” from the end of the rail and pull cloth toward rubber until the edge of the cloth is about ½” from the end of the feather strip.  Finish this step by tapping feather strip in place.

  4. Pull rail cloth tight and finish tapping the strip into place.  Trim excess cloth along the cushion side of the feather strip with a razor blade.  Proceed to fold cloth over cushion and tapping along the feather strip again until the feather strip is even with the rail.

Additional step:  In case feather strips are loose, apply masking tape to the full length of the feather strip.


  1. For corner pockets, pull rail cloth firmly downward and staple four staples along the bottom of the rail (1).  Continue pulling cloth tightly over the end of the rail and staple 2-3 staples in back of the cushion supporting pad (facing).

  2. For side pockets, pull cloth firmly over the nose of the cushion toward the bottom without altering the cushion contour.  Pull the rail cloth firmly toward side pocket before stapling.  Finish this step by stapling cloth to rail bottom about one inch from pocket opening.

  3. Make an incision at nose of cushion and pull strip (1) down to groove.  Staple the strip in place.  Follow it up by cutting or folding excess cloth leaving enough for small fold (2) at the top.

  4. Fold the cloth over and staple at the bottom (1) of the rail and at the groove (2) (about 3 staples each).

  5. Stretch the balance of the rail cloth firmly over the cushion and staple at bottom of rail, starting at the center of the rail and working towards the ends.  Space staples about one inch apart.  Make sure that the rail cloth is snug but not tight enough to alter the shape of the cushion.

  6. Trim excess rail cloth from rail with scissors or a razor blade, making sure that only ¼” of cloth remains after trimming.




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