Felt Replacement- Bed

  1. With the right side up (smooth side of cloth) lay the bed cloth giving just enough room to staple the cloth at the Head and Left side.  Staple the cloth at location (1) with a few staples about one inch apart.

  2. Stretch the cloth across the table and place another few staples about one inch apart at location (2).

  3. Next, stretch the cloth from location (1) to location (3) and staple, making sure that it is secured.  Be sure to leave a good amount of cloth on the left side of the table.

  4. Stretch the pool table from location (3) and pull from location (2), then staple cloth at location (4).

  5. On the left side, stretch cloth tightly from location (1) toward side pocket and staple at location (5).

  6. Repeat step 5, stretching from location (3) and stapling at location (6).

  7. On the right side, stretch across table from location (5) and toward side pocket from location (2) and then staple at location (7).

  8. Repeat step 7, stretching across table from location (6) and toward side pocket from location (4) and stapling at location (8).

   9. At location (9), cut a short incision in the cloth right to the centered edge with the side pocket opening.  Holding the cloth firmly, pull the cloth into the side pocket opening and staple cloth under the slate frame.  Complete by stapling cloth to side pocket opening and making sure the cloth is stapled to undercut of slate frame.

  10. Stretching the cloth tightly across the pool table from location (9), repeat step 9 at location (10).

  11. From the head end of the pool table, staple the cloth at location (11).

  12. Pull cloth from location (11) toward location (12) and staple securely.

  13. Stretch cloth tightly from location (11) to foot end and staple at location (13).

  14. Stretch cloth firmly from location (12) and (13) toward location (14) and staple securely at (14).

  15. Staple all along left side (15) about 2 inches apart.

  16. Staple all along head side (16) about 2 inches apart.

  17. Stretch cloth tight towards foot end (17) and staple along foot end about 2 inches apart.

  18. Stretch cloth tight towards right side (18) and staple along right side about 2 inches apart.

  19. Stretch pool table cloth into corner pocket openings and tack to underside of slate frame (19).

  20. Cut holes at all rail bolt locations using scissors or a razor blade (20).

  21. Finish by trimming off excess cloth with scissors or a razor (21).

Please note: Occasionally cloth will stretch due to humidity or other reasons, leaving wrinkles at the pockets or along the sides.  To re-tighten cloth, remove just one end rail and one side rail and pull while stapling along that end and side to restore original tightness.  For Carom tables, ignore steps 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 19.




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