Can I move my pool table in one piece? 


Only if you have a coin operated one piece slate table.  Any other pool tables, it can damage the pool table.  All other pool tables must be dissembled and moved correction without damaging the frame or slate pieces.  Moving a table in one piece can cause permanent and severe damage to the frame, legs and rails. 

How much does a pool table weigh? 


Depending on the size, type of wood and thickness of the slate, a pool table can weigh anywhere from 600 to 1200 pounds.  This should be taken into consideration when moving it upstairs, as the floor support may cause a flex and create the level of the table to change.


What’s so special about Aramith and Brunswick pool balls? 


These higher grade pool balls are made of phenolic resin rather than cheaper acrylic balls.  Higher grade balls have a higher resistance to friction and won’t burn your felt.  Overtime, you may notice white dots on the playing surface of your pool table felt.  Those are actual burns in the fabric.


Maintenance required for a pool table?


Pool tables don’t require too much maintenance.  It’s suggested to keep the table covered with a thick plastic, leather or naugahyde cover when not in use.  Table should be brushed periodically and brushed only in one direction.  It’s ok to keep the wood frame polished but suggested that no sprays are used, as overspray can get on the cloth.  One thing you should never do is vacuum your pool table felt!  Vacuuming can make the felt come loose or make the felt fuzzy. 


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