Choosing A Pool Table

After finding out your room size and which sized table would fit, next is to choose what type of table you’d want.  If there’s a brand you have in mind, you can always start there. If not, there are other things you can look at before purchasing a pool table.  Preferably, it is best look at the construction of pool table and the materials that are used.  It is usually best to look for a pool table with a solid hardwood frame (no laminates, processed particle boards and other artificial materials).  Another element to inspect is the slate thickness.  Professional pool tables will have 1” or thicker slate.  Pool tables with slate less than 1” will be less stable.    Next to look at, is the finish of the pool table.  It is best to find a pool table with a polished varnish or hand rubbed oil finish.  Pool tables with polyurethane finishes will cloud up over time. 

Now that you’ve gone over the materials used, next is to look at the overall construction of the pool table.  A high quality pool table will have noticeable differences.  One noticeable difference is the solid wood brackets used and hardwood-cross beams for the slate bed.  Another feature to look at is the reinforced wood leg mounting structure.  Before making a purchase on a pool table, you can perform a simple test by bumping the pool table and watching for it to move or quiver.  If you see the pool table vibrate, this is usually an indication that the pool table has a poor design.

If searching for a used pool tables, some other things to consider are pool table pockets, rubber cushions and pool table cloth (also referred to as felt).  Among the three, it’s most important to check the rubber cushions.  Test the cushions by rolling the ball into the rail.  The ball should make 3-4 contacts with a cushion before coming to a stop.  A sign they are usual dead is if they make a thud sound on contact.  Pool table felt can often times be reused unless it has been glued on instead of stapled on.  If the felt is glued on, the felt may not stretch back out right and will need to be replaced. 




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